Video presentation of research project for MIS41020: Design, Development, Creativity (UCD Smurfit, MSc Digital Innovation).

We examine the impact of upgrade for Dublin Bus Boarding System by implementing a two-tap system:

This project was interesting for a few reasons.

We set out from the beginning to make a good video. This video was not graded for this module, so we could have gotten away with a webcam video. But by putting more time and effort into the video creation, we’ve learned video shooting techniques, video editing and video exporting.

Originally I tried Apple’s iMovie, but quickly realised that the software’s capabilities were not enough for my vision of the video. After some research, I settled on Final Cut Pro X for the post-production.

Zung's Final Cut Pro X Screenshot

The result was quite close to my original vision, and given a longer runway, it could have been improved even further. However, I am glad it turned out the way it did. Assignment has just been submitted a few minutes ago and we’ll have the first feedback next Monday. Here’s hoping our efforts will yield result.

Have a good weekend!