We got to work with LEGO set today!

“Guard the base” – that was the task of this exercise. We were given a box of LEGO Mindstorms kit in each group of 3-4 people. The first exercise was to figure out the programmatic functionality of the command module. After figuring out that this LEGO kit could potentially move the motors, shine lights, create sounds, we proceeded to assembling the robot.

LEGO Mindstorms Box

Added challenge in completing this task was the rotating role among assemblers. We had to switch role clockwise every 10 minutes, no matter what we were doing. This disrupted our workflow at first because there was an added procedure of hand-over between team members. This, however, gave an insight on each person’s strength and specialty.

LEGO Mindstorms assembly

After 4 rotations the task switched and now we can assign permanent roles to each member of the group. This increased the work speed significantly and we were able to assemble the working prototype within fraction of the time spent when rotating.

The end goal of this exercise was to “guard the base”, meaning the robot should be placed on the floor and circle around the predetermined object (a box) at least twice to complete the challenge.

YouTube link

We got the algorithm on the first try, but apparently that wasn’t the case for every groups. For those who are interested, the combination was such:

  1. Straight 5
  2. Empty
  3. Turn right 2
  4. Empty
  5. Loop

All in all, good hands-on exercise on group collaboration.