Hi, Zung here!

Hi, Zung here!


Thanks for the extra click to find out about me.

I’ve been working as a digital marketing specialist in the finance industry for the past 7 years in Singapore. Since September 2017, I enrolled in Irish university UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School to follow a Masters degree in Digital Innovation. One of the modules have motivated me to create a personal blog chronicling my learnings on the program, hence the start of this blog.

This website serves as a collection of notes for personal consumption, but if you find the information here useful, let me know – I’d be thrilled!

I was originally born in Vietnam, but moved away to Russia since 2 years old. My childhood and adolescence was spent in Moscow, with the final years of my high school graduation in Ukraine. I wanted to gain a bachelor in English and enrolled to University of Newcastle, Australia and was accepted with scholarship, but proceeded to study in its Singapore campus. Upon graduation I continued working in Singapore for a number of years, slowly moving from general marketing to a more digital aspect of it.

That kind of geographical background made me learn a few languages. So if there was a scale for my linguistic familiarity, it would probably look like this:

  • English 95%
  • Russian 85%
  • Vietnamese 70%
  • Ukrainian 60%